Healthcare and Technology Experts Weigh in on mixed Reality

Immersive learning has become part and parcel of quality training across a variety of fields. Industry leaders are turning to cutting-edge, research-backed technology to prepare learners for sustained success in a future where digital literacy is a crucial skill across disciplines. 

Mixed reality (MR), which blends virtual and real-world elements to create ultra-realistic environments, has become a vital tool for preparing future workforces for real-world placement. Stakeholders across healthcare, technology and education agree – here’s what they have to say about mixed reality and GIGXR’s role in transforming healthcare education through true-to-life training scenarios.


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In The Press

“60% of Fortune 500 companies are trialing or using Mixed reality, while 90% of Fortune 500 companies with more than 500 people have adopted it.  Microsoft saw particular success in the healthcare, manufacturing, retail and architecture sector, while some other industries saw reduced adoption.” – Microsoft head of mixed reality Alex Kipman via Bloomberg

“With [mixed reality] training, future nurses are able to apply theoretical learning in their very first year of study, giving them more time to master key concepts and providing truly excellent preparation for clinical placements later in the course.” — Emma Collins, principal lecturer in nursing, Otago Polytechnic in this article


In Research

“A new generation of ‘immersive technologies’ – a collection of tools, sometimes grouped under the term eXtended Reality (XR), including enclosed 3D Virtual Reality (VR) environments through to digital projections that overlay the real-world to create “Augmented/Mixed Reality” (AR/MR) – have potential to address many of the challenges faced in healthcare training and education.” – The Immersive Healthcare Collaboration. (2021). The Role of Immersive Technology in Healthcare Training & Education: Three Principles for Progress. Publisher: Centre for Immersive Technologies, Leeds, UK.

 “The global mixed reality market was valued at USD 553.27 million in 2020 and expected to reach USD 5811.09 million by 2026 and grow at a CAGR of 47.9% over the forecast period (2021 – 2026). Mixed reality is gaining widespread recognition across business processes, and the momentum is expected to grow further.” — Mordor Intelligence


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Mixed reality has been recognized for its ability to help students with different learning styles master material. It’s also being recognized as a commercially viable technology for enterprise and education. Want to see how MR can benefit your program? Click here to schedule a demo.