Higher Education Relief Funding: What you need to know

COVID hit U.S. higher education budgets hard. Already lean from recession cuts, two- and four-year institutions had to cope with the fallout of millions of lost revenue dollars each. More costly and space-intensive programs such as simulation centers were especially hard hit, as campus closures rendered them essentially useless during lockdown. Now, there is new hope […]

The ROI of XR: The Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Modern nursing education has a plethora of technology with which to help students prepare for entry into the healthcare field and caring for patients. Manikins and task trainers are excellent for practicing manual skills required in nursing. But there is one critical aspect of training that goes beyond textbook knowledge and practical physical ability: decision […]

Healthcare and Technology Experts Weigh in on mixed Reality

Immersive learning has become part and parcel of quality training across a variety of fields. Industry leaders are turning to cutting-edge, research-backed technology to prepare learners for sustained success in a future where digital literacy is a crucial skill across disciplines.  Mixed reality (MR), which blends virtual and real-world elements to create ultra-realistic environments, has become […]